10 surefire ways to cure a case of “summer boredom”

Kids dream of summer the whole school year and then complain about how bored they are once it finally arrives. Here are 10 suggestions for how to cure a case of "summer boredom"!

1. Build a fort. This just never seems to get old no matter how old you are. Plus, in the summer you can build a fort outside with those extra old sheets. Maybe plan a camp-out that night for extra fun.

2. Offer to let them help you around the house with some chores. They’ll disappear faster than you can say “dirty dishes”.

3. Play-dough. It seems like a less common activity these days but kids always love squishing their hands into some cool playdough. It’s not terribly messy and will provide at least an hour or so of entertainment.

4. Grab the soap and sponges and give the ol’ Corolla a good scrub. You’ll love how clean your car will look and they’ll love splashing each other with the suds and hose.

5. Write a postcard to relatives or friends. This is a great opportunity for kids to practice their penmanship and spelling and they’ll also thrill at the idea of receiving some in return.

6. Phone a friend! Talking to a friend on the phone is always a cure for boredom no matter how old you are. Depending on how old they are, some of the conversations that occur will likely be very entertaining for you as well.

7. Make a movie. If you trust them with your camera or phone, let them record and direct their own movie which they can share with you at the end of the day.

8. Do a blind-taste test. Test each other’s ability to recognize random foods or condiments from around the house. Good luck not laughing during this one!

9. Have a dance party. Crank up the music to your favorite oldie’s or current hip hop and bust a move in the living room.

10. Make dinner! Let the little ones lend a hand by chopping some vegetables or rolling some dough. You’ll have a great time making a meal and memories.