Kids’ Styles for All Seasons

As the seasons change, the weather turns from warm to cold, rainy, and snowy. It can be unpredictable, making it hard to plan outfits or know what kinds of shoes to wear. Fortunately, with Western Chief’s stylish kids rain boots and cold weather boots, your kids will always have the right footwear for the weather.

Glitter Boots
Every day is a party with glitter rain boots! Each of these boots will sparkle along with the raindrops. Rose Gold boots are perfect for princess-loving, sassy, smart, fashionable girls. Whether they are running through the rain or jumping in puddles, these boots will envy of every little girl.

Lighted Boots
While they may not find sharks in puddles, there’s plenty of great white and hammerhead sharks on the Kids’ Shark Chase Lighted Rain Boots - Blue. As kids splash through puddles, the lighted heel flashes with every step. Not only does it look cool, but it’s also a great safety feature for dark, cloudy days and early sunsets.

Clear Boots and Fun Socks
Clear kids rain boots rely on socks for a pop of color. Western Chief offers fun, mismatched sock pairs, such as Unicorn and Dragon. Kids can also pick out solid-color socks, changing each day for a new look. They’re limited only by their sock collection!

Classic Character Boots
Western Chief has classic characters on rain boots kids love. How about Mickey and Minnie Mouse, with their signature reds, yellows, blacks, and polka dots, with mouse ear-shaped handles? Or Anna and Elsa from Frozen 2, with frosty turquoise and purple boots, topped with snowflake handles. Pick their favorite characters, and your kids will love wearing the fun boots! Are your kids superheroes when they run outside? Choose Batman or Wonder Woman boots, both featuring capes on the ankles to help your little hero fly through puddles. 

Cold Weather Boots
When the weather drops even further, Western Chief has your kids’ feet covered. Instead of waterproof PVC, these boots are made of neoprene to handle the snow. The Kids’ Youth Chloe Dot Neoprene - Black has white polka dots and pink trim on a black rubber base. Insulated and rated to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s perfect for sled rides and snow angels. The Kids’ Urban Camo Winterprene Boots are slightly different, with a modern camo print on charcoal rubber, insulated with neoprene and lined with faux fur for extra warmth. A drawstring allows for a snug fit. Pull them on, and your kid is ready for a special ops snowball fight mission!

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