Back To School Style

Our favorite part of heading back to class? It's the outfit, of course! From sandals to play shoes, to Chelsea boots that look like sneakers, or our classic rain gear, we've got a wide range of footwear that will match ANY outfit you're dreaming up for the big day!

Western Chief Recess
Recess Play Shoe
It's all in the name...this shoe was literally build for RECESS play! The Western Chief Recess Play Shoe is ultra lightweight and even water resistant. Pair it with shorts and graphic tee, and you're all set for the best day of tag, hot lava monster, and monkey bars EVER!

Western Chief Callie Sandal
Callie Sandal
Are frills and flowers your style? The Western Chief Callie Sandal might be just the thing for you! Glitter, tulle, and a printed insole make this shoe the belle of the ball. Wear it with a denim skirt and matching pink sweater for a gorgeous back to school look!

Western Chief Sport Chelsea
Sport Chelsea
Is that a cool new sneaker? A rad high top shoe? Believe it or not, our NEW Western Chief Sport Chelsea is 100% a rain boot and 100% awesome. It's easy to pair with anything you'd normally wear sneakers with, but with the added bonus or being waterproof. Snag some today and wear with denim and a snazzy bomber jacket.

Western Chief Glitter Ombre Lighted Rain Boot
Glitter Ombre Lighted
Are you ready to SHINE BRIGHT on your 1st day back to class? You're sure to stand out as your feet light up with every step in our Western Chief Glitter Ombre Lighted boots. For a totally trendy look, match these with a fun tie-dye top and leggings.

Western Chief Dino World Rain Boots
Dino World
Are you so excited for the first day of school that you could ROARRR?! These Western Chief Dino World boots are a dino-mite choice. Have some fun with pattern mixing, pairing this style with a striped tee and bright red pants!

What look will you choose? Share your back to school outfit with us @westernchief