Beach Fun In The Sun

A beach day can be an incredibly refreshing break from the city or suburbs. The beach is unlike any other terrain or scenic view you would find anywhere else, and it’s a fun place to spend with the family or even by yourself. Unfortunately, not all the states are blessed with smooth sandy beaches perfect for sandcastle-building or clear balmy salt water for swimming. When the water is ice cold and the sand is mixed with pebbles and jagged rocks, you have to get a little more creative with the day’s activities.


We’ve compiled a list of our favorite activities geared specifically for a day spent on a Pacific Northwest beach.

1.  At the top of our list is kite-flying! You’ll be building memories that will last a life-time when you take the kids to the beach with a kite in hand. This activity can help to develop hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills as they learn to control and launch your kite. Nothing is quite as mesmerizing as something so vibrantly colorful whipping through the air. You can find affordable options on Amazon for under $15.


2. Next on our list of beach day activities is a friendly game of I-Spy. You can make up your list of things to hunt for or print-out our Western Chief’s Beach Day I-Spy to challenge everyone’s finding-skills. This game can be played anywhere, but the beach is full of foreign and unusual objects that you don’t come across every day. Setting aside time to play a game like this will surely cause everyone to open their eyes to the surrounding views of nature and appreciate its beauty.

3. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty. Set out on a quest to discover new and exciting things. Who knows what you’ll find! A shoe? A sand dollar? A of piece of drift wood? Another way to make this kind of activity more mentally stimulating is to ask everyone how they think this item got there and where it came from. Harnessing our creative abilities can lead to increased critical thinking skills!


4. Photography is another fun activity at the beach. While absorbing our surroundings can be incredibly meaningful on their own, sometimes taking a photograph can cause you to view it from another angle or perspective. Plus, it’s fun to take pictures of your friends and family having fun! You’ll surely enjoy looking back on these photos for years to come.

5. Build a fort from drift wood. This can be a fun activity for the older kids. Finding the proper pieces of drift wood and constructing a structure can be tricky. Get creative and use whatever resources you have available to you. Long grass to secure pieces together, sand to fortify the base, and beach towels to give extra shade?


Whatever you end up doing on your day at the beach, have fun and enjoy every moment!  And tag us, we'd love to see photos #westernchief