Character Parade at Western Chief

Who is your childrens favorite childhood character? Is it Mickey Mouse? A brave Firefighter, perhaps? Or maybe the crime fighter, Batman? Whoever it is, we want to make dressing for the rain FUN, so we've included some of their favorite characters to help bring a smile to their face while they are getting ready to go jump in puddles, trump through the pumpkin patch, or simply run some errands with you. Western Chief has the perfect addition to your kid’s character collection, so make sure to keep scrolling! 


Mickey Mouse

western chief kids mickey mouse rain set for fall

     Hiya Pal! Let your child be small but mighty just like Mickey Mouse! Western Chief offers a rain gear set that your child can use while exploring the world! Get a 3 in 1 bundle of joy with Mickey Mouse Rain Gear Set! Whether your little one is playing under the rain or jumping in the muddy puddles, don’t let it stop their adventure! This rainboots + raincoat + umbrella gear set will save the day!




western chief kids rain gear set frozen elsa anna

     Let it go, Let it go..  Let’s sing with Elsa and Anna! And to make it more special, Western Chief gives you Frozen Rain Gear Set!  Your child will never be bothered by the cold or rain with our waterproof raincoat and easy-pull rainboots. The eye-catchy blending of colors and style made it more fun to wear. Be fearless like Anna and magical as Elsa!



Lightning McQueen

lightning mcqueen disney cars western chief kids rain gear set

       Does your little one loves cars? Is he running so fast that you could not almost catch up? Well, Lightning McQueen would be the best choice! The fastest car in the children’s world. And you can never go wrong with Western Chief! Cause we got your back! Lightning McQueen Rain Gear Set offers a head to toe striking red color cover for your little racer. The rain boots have printed wheels on each side that will let your child feel more like a racing car. While the rain coat is more of a racer uniform with matching umbrella! Talking about awesomeness at its finest!




batman dc comics western chief kids rain gear set

        Ready to be a dark knight superhero? Let’s protect and save Gotham City! Your kid will surely love Western Chief’s Batman Rain Gear Set! Featuring the classic must-have dramatic cape for superheroes! A waterproof rain coat that will give an awesome look to all Batman wannabes! And wait… There’s more! An easy pull on rain boots that has a matching Batman cape, too! On top of that, get an umbrella that will bring you to Gotham City! A perfect gear set to make your child’s superhero adventure full of awesomeness!


    You thought you have seen everything? Well, we just gave you a sneak peak! Western Chief has a lot more of these Character Rain Gear Sets! So what are you waiting for? Let's make our kids the happiest fanatics!


   Share with us your exciting adventure wearing your favorite Western Chief Rain Gear Set! Tag us @westernchief!