Edible Flower Popsicles With @whosinthegarden

We've teamed up with Kame @whosinthegarden to show you how edible flowers can be used in all your summer drinks and frozen treats. This creative (and tasty!) twist on popsicles is a fantastic way to beat the heat and will surely impress all your guests!

What you'll need:

  • Popsicle molds
  • Juice or liquid of choice
  • Fresh edible flowers


Choosing your ingredients:

First, pick your favorite edible flowers from the garden, even better if done in our cute and whimsical Western Chief printed garden clogs or boots!

Tip: Kame loves to pick her flowers in the morning when they are the most fresh.🌸

Then, decide what liquid you’ll be using. In this case, Kame used lemonade, but juice, fruit puree, yogurt or even alcoholic cocktails would work great. (Some spirits don’t freeze especially well, so be careful of alcoholic content.)


Step 1: Gently rinse your fresh flowers.

Step 2: Pick off the edible parts you’ll be using in your drinks.

Tip: Stick to petals and avoid putting stems in your creation (they can make it bitter)!

Kame picked the yellow petals off the marigolds here.


Step 3: Fill your popsicle molds with your chosen liquid and pay careful attention to the fill line indicator on your popsicle mold.

Step 4: Put in your flower petals (as many colors and combinations as your imagination can drum up).


Step 5: Use the popsicle stems/sticks to carefully position the petals throughout the liquid. Once you are satisfied with your work of art, place the sticks through the center of the mold.

Step 6: Pop the molds in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

Tip: If you have the time, we recommend leaving them in all night.

Step 7: Once they are fully frozen, take the molds out of the freezer and run the surface under warm water for easy extraction.

Step 8: Enjoyyyyy your delicious creation! Bon appétit!

If you make this delicious treat, please tag us on our Instagram @westernchief. We want to see all of the beautiful results!

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