Growing Healthy Tomatoes With Oma @omasgardens

Growing tomatoes with @Omasgarden and Western Chief 
There's nothing like biting into a juicy, homegrown tomato!

Whether you've been gardening for years, or are just starting out, @omasgardens has great tips and tricks for planting terrific tomatoes.

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Oma's Tips for Growing Terrific Tomatoes:

Step 1:
Start your tomatoes indoors 30-45 days before you'd like to plant them outside. Use 2-3 seeds per pot.

Step 2:
Keep your starts under grow lights and keep them moist.

Step 3:
Pot your plants when they get about 2 inches high (within 3-4 days to the day you want to plant). Then set them outside so that they can acclimate to their new environment/temperature and get stronger!

Step 4:
On planting day, grab three additives:
1. Compost (Or Oma recommends black cow manure)
2. Epsom salt (this helps with the transition of the planting)
3. Coffee grounds 
      Step 5:
      Dig a trench a little higher than the height of your pot all the way down the line where you want to plant. Spread your additives all along the base.

      Dig a trench a little higher than the height of your pot all the way down the line where you want to plant
      Step 6:
      Remove any lower leaves of your tomato plants. When planted, the dirt should come right below the upper leaves. Dig your trench deeper if the trench line does not line up just below your upper tomato seedling leaves.

      Remove any lower leaves of your tomato plants, and when you plant them you want the dirt to go right below the upper leaves
      Step 7:
      Place the plant down into the dirt and cover it with soil, mixing in the additives with it as you go.

      Step 8:
      Water, water, water!

      Step 9:
      Keep the plants well-watered for the next week while they get used to their new home. 

      Step 10:
      Feed with fish emulsion within 2 days.

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