Back to School Traditions

It’s August: that means the final days of summer vacation are drawing near. School is right around the corner. For our kids, the first day back at class can be more than a little scary, dreary, or stressful. Those last sweet, sweet hours of sunshine and freedom are all but gone. The shadow of homework looms ahead. As bleak as things may seem to our little scholars, however, there are still opportunities to help inspire a bit of fun and—dare I say it—excitement for the coming school year.

Starting a silly or entertaining back-to-school tradition in the family can be a great way to make things a bit brighter. Do your kids love Disney cartoons and popcorn? Throw a surprise movie night after school, complete with theater snacks and ticket stubs. Not their style? Well, stay tuned. We’ve got a few more ideas to get you started on making an awesome new back-to-school tradition—one your kids will look forward to, year after year!

After-School Treats

Sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest. Find a new cookie recipe to bake with your kids after school or make a pan of deliciously gooey cinnamon rolls: whatever fits your family’s taste. Try something new each year or stick to the classics. Homemade treats? You can’t go wrong!

First Day Photo Album

This timeless tradition can sometimes be a bit irksome or embarrassing to certain youngsters, but we promise, your kids will love to look back and see how much they’ve grown over the years! Put a spin on this classic by letting your kids take their silliest picture (playing a little dress up is always fun), or by holding up a sign listing all their favorites of the year (favorite band, favorite food, favorite movie, etc.) These will be worth a lot of smiles and laughs years from now!

A Little Friendly Competition

Grab the water balloons, dust off your Monopoly box, or stage a Nerf ambush: what better time is there for some lighthearted family competition? Whatever your clan’s contest of choice, crowning an annual back-to-school champion (or champions, if you prefer working as a team!) can easily become a treasured household tradition. Not to mention, this can also be an opportunity to invite your child's new classmates to the fun and games. Nothing breaks the ice quite like a bit of harmless rivalry.

One Last Hurrah

The sunny days have not yet ended; get out there and have one last summertime adventure! Maybe it’s a quick trip to the kids’ favorite waterpark, beach, or the zoo. The adventure might need to wait until the weekend, of course, but there’s no better way to bid farewell to summer vacation. What's more, it can give your kids something to look forward to in that first week back behind their desks.

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

Waking up early for that first day of school can be brutal for our sleepy schoolchildren, but the delicious aroma of sizzling bacon or a freshly-made plate of flapjacks can lift even the groggiest spirits. Having a full, home-cooked breakfast together is a great way to usher in the first day of class! And if you’re looking for some healthier options—but still just as tasty—we found a few good ideas for that, too.