EGG-cited about Easter!

Happy almost Easter! Wondering what to fill your baskets with? We know it’s hard to get out and shop for them this year, so we’ve make it easy for you by giving you a list of things you can order from the comfort of your own couch!  


You can always count on Easter for being a good "hare" day...and a good shoe day! If your kids are wanting to join you in the muddy garden, itching to run around in the sprinkler in the front yard, or just wanting some new boots that light up when they walk (joy comes from the simplest things) here are a few Western Chief kids rain boots you can find on Amazon:  

Girls Styles:  

Rainbow Lighted Multi Rain Boot 

Bright waves of color blend together like a rainbow and pieces of glitter make this the ultimate boot, you really couldn't ask for more!  Boots light up with every step for added fun and safety. Shop here

Western Chief Kids Rainbow Lighted Multi Rain Boot


Turquoise Glitter Rain Boot

These are the boots for all the princess loving, sassy and smart, fashionable little girls. Glitter boots, because everyday is a party! Shop here



Merry Mermaids Rain Boot

Cheerful mermaid printed rain boots in a sea of teal blue. Purple scallop trim with a bit of glitter frames this adorable scene. These mermaids welcome the rain so bring on the puddles! Shop here



Boys Styles:  

Dino World Rain Boot 

Colorful dinosaurs roam this fun printed boot.  Blue striped detail and custom dino spike loop handles. The inside is a blue reptile printed liner to finish off the look. Shop here



Jurassic Jake Rain Boot 

Jake the dinosaur is one cool guy. Green textured handles and a unique back stripe just like Jake. Stomp through some puddles, because these boots are meant to be noticed! Shop here



Camo Lighted Rain Boot 

Have fun stomping in puddles and mud with these camo boots that light up with every step. Not only are these Western Chief kid's rain boots fun, but they are sure to repel those puddle jumping extravaganzas. Shop here


If you don’t have any baskets to fill – use our boots! They are the perfect size to hide some surprises inside AND they are cute to boot! Any boot will do.

Easter Basket Boot with candy

What else?

Easter baskets are like Christmas stockings: everything is exciting even if it's a new pair of socks (who doesn't love a new pair of socks?)! We put together some of our favorite examples for you:

Quip Toothbrush Set:

Refresh your routine with a something everyone needs: a new toothbrush. These modern products make everyday health fun!

Shop here

Quip Toothbrush Family Easter Basket Ideas

Photo by: @nothingdownaboutit

Smart Sweets:

This is a way for your kids to be smart about their sweets! They are low sugar and low calorie candies so you don't have to feel bad about letting them indulge.

Shop here.  

Smart Sweets Family Easter Basket Candy Ideas

Family Board Game: 

Time flies when you're having fun! This is something that the whole family can do together, and when is a better time to play a whole game of Monopoly? Target has a whole selection of board games that you can shop here

You can also print free activities on our Fritz and Friends tab.

Family Board Games Easter Basket Ideas

No matter what you're doing on Easter, we hope that you are staying safe and healthy with the ones you love! 

Western Chief Happy Easter