GUEST WRITER: Using a Garden Trellis to Grow Cucumbers

Hello Gardening Gals + Gentlemen!

If you have been interested in growing cucumbers, but are a little intimidated - don't stop reading! 

This is an exciting blog because we have our first guest writer! She loves to cook (even on TV sometimes) and to grow her own ingredients. She is our friend and gardener, Stacy Lyn Harris!

Tips for Using a Garden Trellis to Grow Cucumbers

by Stacy Lyn Harris

Growing vegetables on a trellis saves space and time and is super simple. Once you master the technique, you can use it to produce tons of yummy vegetables that go great in a wide variety of recipes. I like to grow cucumbers on a trellis, but you can use one to grow other classic summer crops like yellow summer squash, zucchini, and crook-neck squash as well.

Why grow cucumbers on a trellis? Apart from making a big, refreshing bowl of Cucumber Salad on a hot summer day, here are 5 simple reasons!

  1. It’s easier to grow in small spaces
  2. You’ll get more of a cucumber harvest
  3. It’s easier to see the fruit for harvesting
  4. Watering is super simple
  5. Bugs are easier to control


Cucumbers are one of the best and easiest fruits to grow. They are perfect in salads and even in Tzatziki Sauce, which you can find in my first book, Tracking the Outdoors In. You can also pickle them, which preserves them and allows you to snack on them year-round!

For the most successful cucumber harvest, make sure your ground is in the clear as far as cold weather and fertilize your soil.

If you are growing on a trellis, make sure they are not the bush variety, because you will have a hard time growing them vertically. Usually “Bush” will be in the name of the cucumber you are choosing.

For a complete list of growing tips, trellis inspirations, and even guides how to plant and harvest your fruit, visit my blog and shop Western Chief garden shoes here.