Transplanting Irises with @OmasGarden

Boot silhouette: Women's Tall Rain Boot, Background Photo: by Volodymyr Tokar on Unsplash

Iris Planting with @Omasgarden

Planning a garden is hard work but there's nothing more rewarding than sitting in your garden amongst all of the blooms you worked so hard for all year long. Thanks to Oma (@omasgardens) transplanting your Irises is one stress you can write off your list with her helpful step-by-step tips. Did you know that there are 41 different types of Irises you can plant in your garden? You could plant a whole rainbow! 

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Oma's Steps For Transplanting Your Irises:

  1. Consider that they have a very shallow root system so use a tool if you need to loosen them from the soil but use a hand tool to remove them from the dirt. 

  2. Lift all of those roots up, along with the full rhizomes if possible so that they have the best chance possible of surviving.

  3. Separate them as well - gently pull the child from the mother plant. This way you get more flowers and more plants.

  4. Move them as soon as you can into their new home, they don't want to sit out for too long

  5. Plant them about 2-3 inches deep, just like you found them. They like to sit right on the surface of the soil

  6. Water it in with a gentle stream

  7. Wash off your Western Chief gardening clogs or boots and enjoy!
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