Twinning! Jack-O-Lantern Stencils to Match Your Favorite Western Chief Prints

Match your pumpkin + boots!

Here at Western Chief, we LOVE getting creative with the patterns that adorn our kids rain boots! Why not have fun in the rain with whimsical patterns and cool characters?!

Our signature prints are also the perfect inspiration for fall crafts, and you guessed it...pumpkin carving! We selected a few of our very favorite boots that make the COOLEST JACK-O-LANTERNS. Try it out, snap a photo, and tag us @westernchief to share your creation!

2 Cool Kids Rain Boot

2 Cool
This rain boot has everything a kid could dream cream, rainbows, unicorns, and more! It's bright colors and fun doodle style print make this an extra special boot. Make an equally unique jack-o-lantern by picking out your favorite parts of the pattern! We chose peace, love, stars, and...of course, cats. 😻

Download the 2 Cool pumpkin carving stencil here.

Find the 2 Cool kids rain boot here.

Shark Chomp

Shark Chomp
Chomp chomp! Watch out, these sharks are ready to swim through rain drops and deep dive in puddles! Though the sharks on our Western Chief kids rain boots are quite friendly, they sure do make for a spooky jack-o-lantern!

Download the Shark Chomp pumpkin carving stencil here.

Find the Shark Chomp kids rain boot here.

Betty Butterfly Kids Rain Boot

Betty Butterfly
Flutter and fly with our lovable character, Betty! These are the perfect kids rain boots for any nature-loving child. You'll also have the most "FLY" jack-o-lantern on the block with this design!

Download the Betty Butterfly pumpkin carving stencil here.

Find the Betty Butterfly kids rain boot here.

Dino World Kids Rain Boots

Dino World
Rawr! Our best-selling Dino World kids rain boots are so much fun to stomp around in! Pick your favorite dinosaur species and use as inspiration for your pumpkin carving. We chose the king of the dino world, the T-Rex!

Download the Dino World pumpkin carving stencil here.

Find the Dino World kids rain boot here.

Flower Cutie

Flower Cutie
Polka dots and flowers combine in this adorable, timeless print! This also makes a cute, girly jack-o-lantern pattern that is as easy as it is festive.

Download the Flower Cutie pumpkin carving stencil here.

Find the Flower Cutie kids rain boot here.