Upcycle Your Old Boots!


Do you have an old pair of rain boots that are worn down or cracked? Don’t throw them away. Instead upcycle them into a planter with this DIY gardening project! This is a fun and easy project that can be enjoyed by yourself or with your own little gardening assistants. It’s a great activity for young or novice gardeners.  All you need is some dirt, an electric drill & bit, some flowers to plant, and some old boots!

Follow these easy steps:

1. Drill a hole (or two) in the bottom of your boot. This is essentially a drain for your water to escape so the dirt and plant doesn’t begin to rot inside the boot.

2. Fill your boot with potting soil and ensure that the toe of the boot is also full, leaving room at the mouth of your boot to plant your flower.

3. Remove your plant from its original pot and massage the soil and roots, loosening it up a bit to ensure that it settles well into its new home.

4. Plant your flower and cover the roots with additional potting soil as needed.

5. Soak dirt and roots with a good dosage of water and be sure to water frequently as they can dry out quickly.

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