Fun Rain Gear for Any Superfan


Any parent can you tell you that all it takes is one quick movie or show for a kid to become a BIG fan of a character. We’re talking toys, tee-shirts, backpacks, sippy cups—you name it—all featuring their new favorite friend. You get the picture. And you know what? We understand. After all, what’s not to love about a dauntless superheroine, a masked crimefighter, or a cuddly kitten? We here at Western Chief happen to love all the superfans out there, and that’s why we’re excited to share some of our favorite characters each season. If you’re looking for rain gear kids will love, then look no further!


Paw Patrol

“It’s hard for my kid to wear new footwear, but he was so happy with his Paw Patrol rain boots!”


If the words “No job is too big, no pup is too small” are practically a mantra for your child, then our Paw Patrol rain boots for pups big and small are sure to be a hit. Featuring police-pup Chase and the rest of the gang, our Paw Patrol Squad Rain Boots and Paw Patrol Born Brave Rain Boots are both kid-friendly and practical. Kids are on a rainy-day rescue mission? A race through mud puddles? Don’t worry. These boots will keep little paws dry and keep your superfan looking cool, to boot! Between the easy-on pull tabs, cushioned insoles, and designs highlighting the best dogs in the business, your Paw Patrol fan won’t want to take their boots off.

Wonder Woman

“So cute and POWERFUL! My 4-year old loves them. They are very cute and exactly as pictured!”

—Lesley F.

Finally, a rain gear set as bright, bold, and strong as she is! The Wonder Woman rain gear set is inspired by the iconic outfit of the amazing Amazon herself, spangled skirts and all (Lasso of Truth sold separately). Rain and wind will be worries of the past for your little superheroine when she takes up the classic red, gold, and blue mantle of the world’s greatest defender. Fully waterproof materials and moisture absorbent lining means comfort even after hours of play. Saving the planet has never looked (and felt) so cool!

Grab the gear for your favorite little wonder woman here.

Hello Kitty

“LOVE these boots! They’re are awesome. My daughter loves anything pink and is a fan of Hello Kitty. I actually bought these and another style of pink rain boots, and these are the ones she picked based on comfort and look.”

The beloved classic returns, and a new contender enters the ring! The people have spoken: we’ve received a lot of love and so many smiles for our Hello Kitty Cutie raingear set that we’ve decided to share even more adorableness. The new Hello Kitty Rainy Bow set really kicks the cuteness a notch. All-time favorite kitty? Check. Plenty of rainbows? Check. GLITTER? Check! Both sets include fully waterproof jackets, easy-on boots, and umbrellas so your Hello Kitty lover can cover herself head to toe in her favorite kitty gear!



“Our Batman raincoat is amazing! We get compliments on it everywhere we go. Kiddo loves it so much, he insists on wearing it even when it's not raining. We recently took it on vacation and everywhere we went were cries of ‘Look! Batman's here!’”

—Christine B

Let’s be honest now: what kid hasn’t dreamed of donning the dark knight’s cowl or pictured themselves gliding over the rooftops of Gotham as the caped crusader himself? With the Batman Everlasting rain gear set, your little crimefighter will be ready for anything, armed with the hero’s signature utility belt, crest, and cape. It’s a perfect choice for any aspiring superhero, not to mention, it will keep them warm and dry as they zoom through rain, mud, and murk.  

Suit up for action here.