Outdoor Fun For Springtime


As winter blooms into spring, your kids will clamor to head back outside. With the warmer temperatures come activities to help your kids to kick cabin fever after a long, cold winter. Here are a few ideas to get your kids out playing and exploring this spring, come rain or shine. 

Hiking and Nature Walks 

Whether it’s a local trail or just into the wilderness, it’s an excellent time for kids to explore and hike your area. If the weather is still wet, remember to grab kids rain boots to combat mud and puddles. While out and about, look for signs of spring. Are there new flowers and plants sprouting? Are animals coming back? What birds are starting their migration back to warmer climates? Bring binoculars, and you can go bird watching while on the hike. Your kids will have fun trying to identify birds and other animals!  

Picnics in the Park 

Pack a few sandwiches or other finger foods, grab a blanket, and head to the park for a fun picnic. Your kids can play around while you set up, and then you can enjoy lunch together. If there are no local parks, you can use your backyard or drive to a nice spot outside of town. 

Start a Garden 

Let your child feel the sun on their face as they have fun digging in the dirt. Planting a garden is not only fun but a learning experience: discovering that given time and care, a tiny seed can turn into a plant. Whether it’s a simple herb planter or a full-fledged vegetable garden, you can teach your children that it’s possible to grow your own food. From tomatoes, to lettuce, to blueberries, they can learn the value of hard work and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Be sure to bring the rain boots out to the garden, or you could be facing messy kids and wet feet! 




Play in the Rain 

Don’t let spring showers stop your kids from having fun outdoors. After being cooped up inside, rain boots kids can quickly pull on will be invaluable for running outside and jumping in puddles. You can also pair the rain boots with a rain jacket and umbrella to keep your little ones relatively dry and clean, even if they are having a competition to see who can make the biggest splash in muddy puddles. 

Plan a Scavenger Hunt 

Nature comes back in the spring, and, much like a nature walk, it’s fun to look for everything new with the changing of the seasons. Plan a scavenger hunt for worms, bird’s nests, flowers sprouting, and more. How many can your kids find? 

Go Camping in the Backyard 

Run around the backyard with the kids and have a camp-out now that it’s not too cold. Help them set up a tent, grill some hot dogs, and look for constellations after the sun goes down.