Growing Snap Peas with @newcastlefarmgirl

Boot silhouette: Women's Tall Rain Boot, Background Photo: by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash


"Did you know that snap peas are one of those plants that, the more you pick, the more they produce?" Thanks to Erin (@newcastlefarmgirl), now we do! At Western Chief, we're always looking for the little things to enjoy in life, like spring sunshine, a pair of cute rain boots, and lots and lots of snap peas.

We also love helping you get the most out of your garden, so we'd like to help by sharing some great snap pea growing tips with the help of the lovely @newcastlefarmgirl, as well as the best pair of boots we could dream up for you to keep your feet warm, clean, and dry.

Tips on Growing Sugar Snap Peas

Photo by Tania Malréchauffé on Unsplash

Where To Plant:

USDA Hardiness Zones 3-11, in full to partial sun.

Soil Conditions:

Snap peas like well drained, loamy soil. Keep them moist not soggy, and side dress with compost if needed.

When To Plant:

Plant 4-6 Weeks before last frost, with a depth of 1" in cooler weather and 1 1/2" to 2" in warmer weather. 


Water 1/2 " per week until blooming, and then 1" per week until pods fill.


Pick often! When picking, support the vines. You can keep your snap peas 5 days in the refrigerator or freeze them for longer storage.

Companion Plants Include:

Radishes, spinach, lettuce, early greens, cucumbers, and potatoes. Avoid planting with onions and garlic.

Square Foot Planting:

8 plants per square foot


In order to make sure you get to spend the most time out in the garden and the least time cleaning your shoes, we're here to help. What's better than a day out in the garden than a day in our cozy boots? We have some suggestions to look cute and stay productive in the garden beds:

For tromping through your freshly watered beds, the perfect pair of shoes is for sure our Western Chief Women's Top Pop Mid Rain Boots.

Western Chief Women's Top Pop Mid Rain Boots

For tromping out the kitchen door quickly to snag a little harvest of sugar snap peas to make sure they keep multiplying, slip on a pair of our Western Chief Women's Tranquil Floral Chelsea Rain Boots.

Western Chief Women's Tranquil Floral Chelsea Rain Boots

We love seeing you show off the amazing plants your gardens have produced, so please be sure to use our #WesternChief and #WearABigSmile hashtags to show us pictures of your gardens on our Instagram and be featured on our website!