Make Your Own: Themed Easter Boot Basket!

High, low, near or far, there are always some eggs to be found on this coming Easter holiday! Whether they're hidden with the hens, hopping with the frogs, high in the trees, or covered in glitter, we are here to suggest a unique Easter basket idea that will help your family egg hunt to your heart's content!

Instead of a basket this Easter, fill a pair of Western Chief kids boots with treats and help the family greet the April showers with a spring in their step. We've got themes for all kinds of puddle jumpers and egg hunters with ideas and boots galore! Check them out below:

Farm Fun Theme

Did you know that the Easter bunny has lots of friends? Most of them live on the farm! What better way to share the love than to show off all the family farm friends right there on your feet with a farm-themed boot basket!

Western Chief Easter Farm Fun
To make, you'll need:
  • Easter Basket grass (Find it here)
  • Some chocolate bunnies (Found at your local drug store or Target)
  • Eggs filled with jelly beans (Get eggs here)
  • The cutest socks you ever did see (Find them here)
  • Our Farm Cutie Western Chief kids boots (Get them here!) 

Frog Fun Theme

The best hoppers in the animal kingdom are bunnies, frogs... and kiddos of course! With our Western Chief kids Frog boots, jump into Easter with a splash and a boot basket of goodies. Get some sweet treats and frog loving gear and make your little tadpole jump with excitement. An idea for a little extra fun: fill up some Easter eggs with frog gummies that you can find at your local Target or grocery store. 

Western Chief Frog Fun

To make, you'll need:
  • Easter Basket grass (Find it here)
  • Eggs filled with gummy frogs (Get eggs here)
  • Frog lifecycle tee (Target has it here
  • Our adorable Western Chief kids Frog boots (Get them here)

Outdoor Adventurer Theme

Who says you won't find more than just colorful eggs on your Easter hunt? Gear up for a spring full of adventures with this adventure themed Boot Basket  the most mud-proof Easter basket you'll ever find! Toss in a field guide, some sweet snacks for the trail and let the family fun begin.

Western Chief Outdoor Adventure
To make, you'll need:
  • Easter Basket grass (Find it here)
  • Eggs filled with jelly beans (Get eggs here)
  • Snacks from your local grocery or drugstore
  • Nature Journal (Find it here)
  • Binoculars for the curious explorer (Get a pair here)
  • Our daring Western Chief kids Lumberjack boots (Get them here)

Glitz & Glam Theme

Is Easter a magical holiday? Of course it is! Is this glittery boot basket the most delightful thing you've ever seen? I think it's safe to say, absolutely! Fill your glitter lover's boots with the whimsy they deserve in our glitterific Western Chief kids Glitter boots.

Western Chief Glitz and Glam Easter
To make, you'll need:
  • Easter Basket grass (Find it here)
  • Eggs filled with jelly beans (Get eggs here)
  • Unicorn Scratch and Sparkle book (Find it here)
  • Hair bows (Find them here)
  • Peep Chicks (From your local grocery or drugstore)
  • Nail polish assortment (Find here)
  • Our sparkly Western Chief kids Glitter boots  (Get them here)