How To Make Your Wrapping Paper UnFROGettable with Western Chief

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There are hundreds of ways to wrap a present, but how many will make a box into a cute animal that your kid will love? Bring our favorite Fritz and Friends characters to life under the tree with this easy step-by-step tutorial. This is the perfect way to wrap your Western Chief boot boxes for holiday gifting. Make this Christmas unFROGettable!

1. Choose which animal you will be creating

Will it be Fritz the Frog? Khloe the Kitty? Lucy the Ladybug? We love our classic characters (that match our Western Chief boots and rain gear sets)! But with a little creativity, you can certainly make any animal you like.

2. Wrap your gift in the appropriate color

This is where you can get creative because there is no one stopping you from making a blue frog, a purple cat, or a yellow ladybug - that will get some laughs on Christmas morning! However, we stuck with the traditional colors for our example.

3. Print out the features

We created an easy print out with the main features of each character, so you can print (resize as needed to fit your box!), cut, and glue them to the box. This will include Khloe's ears and nose, Lucy's antennae and spots, Fritz's mouth, and all of the googly eyes! You can repurpose any of these features for another animal by tracing the shape on the appropriate colored paper.

Tip: Right click on the below images and click "Save Image As." Open the image from your computer and print from there!

Fritz the frog character gift wrap


Lucy the ladybug character gift wrap


Khloe the kitty character gift wrap

4. Draw in the details

Put on the finishing touches! Grab some markers and fill in the details of these cute Western Chief character faces...whiskers, freckles, smiles, or even eyelashes! Get creative with the colors or stick with black to make it look realistic. 

5. Repeat with other gifts and have FUN! These cute characters are sure to bring smiles to the whole family.


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