SPOOKtacular Halloween Recipe

Spooktacular Monster Pasta

Spooky season calls for some equally SPOOKtacular recipes, and Monster Pasta is one of our very favorites!

You can get cozy in your Western Chief slippers and make this quick and easy dinner in a snap. It's sure to bring laughs and fun for your little ghouls and goblins as well. 🎃

Here's how to make MONSTER PASTA:

  1. Pick your pasta of choice. We like veggie/spinach pastas or zoodles (zucchini noodles) because they're GREEN! But more importantly, it's a great way to pack in delicious veggies into your kids' meals.

  2. Select your sauce. Pesto is a great option, again because of the green factor. But marinara or any red sauce also provides great contrast, and is a delicious kid-approved choice!

  3. Pre-cut ingredients and set up a Make Your Own Monster Bar so it's simple for your family to grab "eyeballs," "noses," and "teeth!" We like mozzarella balls and olives for eyes, but you can also purchase candy eyeballs at craft stores. Cheese or slices of peppers are great choice for teeth, and various veggies are great to have on-hand for silly ears, noses, and monster embellishments!

  4. Now the fun part: time to make a monster! Let your creativity run wild as you create a goofy, sweet, or scary face - the choice is yours, and we're sure it'll be SPOOKtacular!