Western Chief Summer Fun Tips For Families

We asked fellow employees (and parents!) what they're looking forward to this summer.
Read on for great family fun ideas!

Plant A Garden

kids planting vegetable garden
"My kids and I built a veggie garden and they are in charge of it. They chose all the fruits and veggies to plant, then at the end of summer we can eat them! It's been 1 week and we already are seeing sprouts and they get so excited to see the progress." - Jenna

Explore Your State

family bike ride exploring
"When it comes time to cool off, we like taking trips out to the coast. Or for a day trip, riding bikes or walking through the chilly, pitch black Snoqualmie Tunnel." - Chris

“We make it a tradition to drive up to Olympic National Park, either set up camp for a few days or rent a cabin. There's the beautiful drive around a pristine, crystal clear Lake Crescent that my daughter loves to dip in, best on warm weathers. While there, we can explore many trail hikes or drive up to the top of Hurricane Ridge to bask in the amazing views of the Cascades and all of Northwest has to offer. Locally, we would visit the salt water pool in West Seattle by Lincoln Park, pre-Covid of course, but I hear they will be opening up in July once its deemed safe. Excited for summer fun!” – Alfredo

“Visit the Pacific Science Center and Aquarium. Though it has been so many years since I have taken my boys there. They loved it!” – Karen

Get Creative At Home

kids playing in backyard kiddie pool
"We set up our own backyard water park! Bouncy house, splash pad, water table, and a slip n slide converted to a lazy river! Also, don't forget the bubbles and water balloons!" - Kristin

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

child berry picking

"Splash pads around the city and the pool at Volunteer Park! Berry picking, nature walks, and making lemonade. I really look forward to doing these daytime activities without juggling work meetings and school meetings. Our kids get to be kids! This summer is going to be epic." - Erin

"My son and I started hiking this year, so we'll be spending the summer on the trail! You'll never know if it's going to be dry or wet, so it's a good thing he wears Western Chief boots. He likes splashing in every puddle, even if we get muddy shoes after." - Rina

“I'm looking forward to the end of virtual online learning, putting the Kid's iPads away and getting them outside to enjoy nature!” – Sara

Whatever you and your family decide to do this summer, we hope you'll enjoy laughter and smiles together. If you bring our boots or play shoes along with you on your adventures, please tag us @westernchief. We love to see your creative summer fun tips in action!