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Growing Squash With Erin @newcastlefarmgirl

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Which way do squash grow? @newcastlefarmgirl is here with all the answers to your gardening questions!

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So, when that squash sprouts out of the ground, which way is it going to grow and how can you tell?

"Squash plants will grow in the direction of their second real leaf."

Let's identify where the second real leaf is:

Growing Squash with @newcastlefarmgirl and Western Chief

This is a cotyledon leaf (baby leaf) here on the right. 

Growing Squash with @newcastlefarmgirl and Western Chief

This is also a cotyledon leaf on the left. 

Growing Squash with @newcastlefarmgirl and Western Chief

This is your first true leaf, which means that, because squash always grows away from the first true leaf...

Growing Squash with @newcastlefarmgirl and Western Chief

It will grow this way!

Simple, right? You're on your way to growing some GOURD-geous squash.😉

For more gardening tips, follow @newcastlefarmgirl on Instagram and come back often for more blog posts by our Western Chief gardening partners!