Back To School Time Capsule With Western Chief!

Western Chief Back to School BootsThis special Time Capsule activity is sure to get you and your kiddo in the back-to-school mood! 

Once your child returns home from the first day of class, immediately fill up the capsule to capture the excitement and memories of the day.

back to school time capsule western chief

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What You'll Need:

      1. A mason jar or a clear container to fill with your fist day memories
      2. Ribbon
      3. Confetti
      4. Colored construction paper
      5. String
      6. Pencil
      7. Scissors
      8. Notecards to write your answers to your First Day Questions on 
      9. A first day photo
      10. Paint (optional)


      1. Have your child stand up tall, take the string and measure their height, and cut it at their full length. When you open the jar at the end of the year, see how much they've grown!
      2. On the colored construction paper, trace your child's handprint and cut out the shape. On it, write their grade, name and age.
      3. Print a photo of your little one on their first day to look back on.
      4. Write down the answers to First Day Questions below on notecards. Fold each note card up so they'll fit neatly into the jar. 
      5. Add the pictures, height measurement string, hand print, and folded notecards and place them in the jar with the confetti.
      6. Close the jar, tie it up with ribbon, and place it someplace safe to find again on the last day of the school year.
      7. If you'd like, decorate the outside of the jar with paint and label it with the current year's grade!

    First Day Questions:

        1. My teacher's name is...
        2. My best friend is...
        3. My favorite book is...
        4. My favorite subject is...
        5. My favorite color is...
        6. I'm most excited about...
        7. When I grow up I want to be...
        8. My favorite thing about myself is...

      Once you're finished creating your Time Capsule, make sure to snag a pair of Western Chief boots to pair with your 1st day of school outfit. Rain boots are great to keep at school in a locker or cubby to change into for recess or rainy days! Try out some of our favorite styles below:

      Glitter Boots so your kiddo can shimmer and shine like the star they are.

      Light Up Boots to dazzle the class and have more fun with every step.

      Batman, Wonder Woman, and Firefighters are great superhero inspiration for your child!

      Western Chief Kids Silver Glitter BootWestern Chief Kids F.D.U.S.A Firechief RainbootWestern Chief Kids Batman Rainboot

      We love to see your family fun in action! If you make this Time Capsule, take photos and share with us @westernchief