Holiday Family Traditions With @HelloTinyFarm

We got together with Shari, the owner @hellotinyfarm, to talk about holiday family traditions and what the holidays mean to her family. We asked her a few questions about how she spends the holidays and got delightful answers! We hope you enjoy this heartfelt guest-written blog as much as we do.

1. What family holiday traditions does your family partake in?

On Christmas Eve my family always goes to my husband, Day’s, grandparents’ house. They cook a huge dinner with tamales, turkey, ham, and all the best holiday foods. On Christmas day my husband, daughter, and I watch traditional Christmas movies every year and then dig into Christmas dinner. Most years it’s the ‘traditional dinner’ but last year we did pasta, and it might have been one of my favorite dinners.

2. What are your family members favorite foods?

My daughter Wyatt’s favorite holiday food is pumpkin pie, she helps make it every year from scratch starting with the pumpkins from our farm. As soon as she can get her hands on a pumpkin, it’s pumpkin pie time around here until the pumpkins run out. My favorite is green bean casserole, it’s the perfect comfort food; it always reminds me of the holiday season and was the first ‘holiday dish’ I learned how to make on my own. Day's favorite holiday dish is his family’s Puerto Rican stuffing that his grandfather makes with his father every year.

3. How do you decorate for Christmas?

We usually decorate right after Thanksgiving starting with the front porch and the farm, because those are my favorite spots to bring in the magic. Every year we get a real tree and decorate it with special ornaments from our family. My favorite is this set of snow globe Santas that were passed down in my family from my mother’s great grandmother. Wyatt loves to shake them and watch the snow fall.

4. What is the best present you have ever received?

My favorite holiday gift was from 2017, I was having a rough year because my father passed away in November and I felt lost. It was the first time I had ever experienced a loss that great. Day surprised me that year with a puppy for Christmas. I always told him I wanted a Christmas puppy, but never expected it. Dipity Shay is now a happy new member of our family, she truly saved me. Wyatt’s favorite present was her horse toy. She loves horses and can’t wait to own her very own one day, but for now horse lesson at a local ranch will have to do. Day’s favorite gift he has ever received is a silver knife from his younger brother. He carries it everywhere, and occasionally loses it, putting the whole house on a search party.

5. What does Christmas day look like for you and your family?

Christmas day is so much fun with my daughter. She wakes up super early; almost too early to see what Santa brought her. She has amazement twinkling in her eyes and every year is more excited than the last. I hope that never stops and the magic of Christmas is always with her.

We open presents early in the morning and then dig into breakfast. Afterwards we have presents with pets, then slip on our Western Chief boots and go outside for presents with the farm animals of course. The house is a cozy Christmas mess all day but, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! If you and your family have any special holiday traditions please share them with us on social media @westernchief, we would love to see them! 


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